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condenser clamp,retort stand 60mm long,Laboratory Stands,support and Laboratory Clamp,flask clamp free shipping

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

Muscle Coloring1:1 Human spine skeleton model Bendable Medical Teaching model free shipping

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

28cm sketch drawing cartoon mannequin female model plastic manikin model with stand free shipping

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

Shoulder bone model Human Skeleton teaching model Medical human samples free shipping

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

60ml,Glass soxhlet extractor body & Allihn condenser Spherical shape condenser ,1 Flat Bottom Flasks for Lipid Extraction

Цена: 3133.56 RUR

free shipping Laboratory Stands,support and Laboratory Clamp,flask clamp,condenser clamp,retort stand 60mm long

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

6X Eye anatomical model Organ Anatomy Medical human samples

Цена: 3612.93 RUR

muscle Shoulder function model Medical teaching model free shipping

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

Alveolar enlargement model 33210 teaching experimental equipment

Цена: 3123.33 RUR

180-2800 Mesh Experimental Supplies Mesh φ20X4.5cm Stainless Steel Sieve Laboratory Sample Powder Screening Filtration Tool

Цена: 4333.94 RUR

Medical Permanent Teeth With Straight for replacing nissin Dental teeth model

Цена: 3148.52 RUR

Anatomical skeletal model of the clavicle joint of human scapula

Цена: 3612.93 RUR

Double-deck beaker,Capacity 200ml,Double-layer cold trap,Photocatalytic reaction bottle

Цена: 3160.33 RUR

Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model Electricity Generator with Colorful LED Light Educational Toy Lab Science Experiment Gift

Цена: 5635.85 RUR

1pc Private Parts Suture Training Model Student Skin Suturing Practice Pad

Цена: 5519.36 RUR

Solvent reaction tube with high vacuum throttle and standard ground mouth,Capacity 10ml and joint 14/23,High borosilicate glass

Цена: 3168.99 RUR

2 PCS Foil electroscope, teacher’s demonstration, metal case, electrometer, teaching instrument

Цена: 3683.77 RUR

Frog skeleton specimen Toad skeleton specimen 43108 teaching demonstration middle school biological frog skeleton specimen

Цена: 3148.52 RUR

Модель головного мозга планталин, модель каудатного ядра, ядра таламуса, модель мозга 12*12*12 см, базальный гангль

Цена: 4486.64 RUR

Anatomical medical model of intervertebral disc disease combined model of normal quadrant spine and lumbar disease

Цена: 6046.73 RUR

Separatory funnel constant pressure cylindrical shape,standard ground mouth 50ml,Joint 24/29+24/29,Double PTFE switch valve

Цена: 3121.76 RUR

Separatory funnel cylindrical shape,standard ground mouth.Capacity 1000ml,Joint 40/38+40/38,Glass switch valve

Цена: 3148.52 RUR

Fully Autoclavable Pipette Manually Adjustable Pipette Single channel laboratory Sampler

Цена: 3148.52 RUR

Peach anatomical model Plant anatomy Biology Teaching Model free shipping

Цена: 3691.64 RUR

Human Liver Pancreas and Duodenum Anatomical Model Medical Anatomy Teaching Resources

Цена: 3118.61 RUR

100pcs/box Needles Disposable blood collection needle vacuum blood test needle pen type for butterfly needle

Цена: 3147.73 RUR

1000ml Glass Buchne Flask with one tube ;Suction Filter Flask;Lab glassware;lab supplies

Цена: 3130.42 RUR

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